• NootleSoup

    Okay, so I'm IP adress banned on le miiverse resource and so i can't post with my non-hacked accounts now either kthxbai

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  • NootleSoup

    Narrator: It all started with one post.

    A post…

    That changed Miiverse.

    That was The Bard’s first MAD Post.

    Many people were drawn to it, and it became very popular.

    In fact, after centuries, it became a holy vessel – a shrine.

    Eventually, it got the attention of something called Capcom.

    The president of this industry hated it, ordering his finest knights to stop it.

    The warriors were very powerful, and very strange. But they knew they might not be powerful enough. To seek what they needed, they took guidance from the Rain Crystal.

    Miiversians joined together to try to stop their advance

    Then King Nors got attaced making others want to fight

    Bard, Nostalgic, and Shadow led the charge

    They had such never seen before power, and used it to their extent dur…

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