Egg iz one of Eggtendo'z popular franchises. There are 3 games in the series, two of which were on the Eggcube and on of them on the Eggii U.

Plot of teh first game Edit

Captain Eggimar decides to take a Eggcation into outer egg. But sadly, he crash lands onto a mysterious planet with 30 pieces of his ship missing. Soom Eggimar finds these little alien plants called Eggmin. Now Eggimar as to find all 30 parts of his ship with a 30 day time limit!

Plot of teh second game Edit

When Eggimar returns from the first game the company he works for (Hocoaregg Fright) cannot repay the debt so Eggimar as to return to the Eggmin Planet with a new worker called Eggie to find items they can use to make Eggos to repay the debt.

Plot of teh third game Edit

In Eggmin 3, you play as three new captains called: Eggph, Egginy, and Egglie who must go to EGG-404 o find fruit to save their starving planet.