These are the rules for the Eggtendo Wiki. If you do not follow these rules you will get a Ban Sandwich. Only admins can edit this page, but if you're not one and you have a suggestion, please add it in the comments.

  1. No Stubs. Unlike L.M.R., I want all the pages on this wiki to be relatively long. Any pages that are extremely short (Such as the Smegtendo page) I will send a warning to make it longer or delete it, and if that is not done within a day it's dead 5ever.
  2. Make the pages seem real. This wiki is pretending to be a wiki for a real company, and the pages need to sound like it is a real company. Add things to all of the pages that are obviously fake, and make them more realistic, please.
  3. Nothing pointless. Any pages that are not related to Eggtendo will become DED.

(I will update this every time there is a good rule suggestion.) ~~Mod Nootle