Scramble the parakeet, also known as just Scramble, is the mascot of Eggtendo. He has his own video game series, called Sunny stars. He was also in Eggtendo's first game ever, called Birdsport. His best friend is Sunny the magic egg. He also has a girlfriend named Pookie.

Personality Edit

Scramble is a sweet but naive bird, who often goes on his adventures because he thought something was different than it actually was. He is very caring towards his best friends and mates, and tends to be more protective of Sunny and Pookie than he is of himself. He very much enjoys flying, and does it whenever he gets the chance. He loves to have fun, and often plays games with Sunny and Pookie.

Appearance Edit

Scramble is a pink, chubby parakeet with a thick purple outline. he has small wings, an egg on his head (Which is sometimes Sunny) and tiny feet. He resembles a chibi because of how his head is circular with a big cheek, and his 'bead eyes'.

Gallery Edit

Scramble the parakeet

Scramble flying and waving.