Dis es da paeg aboot da Supah Eggtendo Untartoonmanatee sestum gaem Super Eggio World.

The Plot Edit

Princess Pegg gets kidnapped by Bowsegg. Eggio has to save the princess before bowsegg 'does' her. Eggio finds a thing called a Oshegg which helps him along the way. So Eggio has to travel through 11 worlds (not 8, 9, or 10 because they had to use that for Eggio's sprites).

Things It Adds to the Series Edit

IT adds

  • Oshegg
  • A new cape
  • Tom
  • The eggflour power-ups
  • Egg Hammuh Soots (Not in Super Eggio Bros. 3 because they ran out of time and money in their 9 year dev time and 900,000,000$ budget)

Eggception Edit

"1/100000000 saying No Gunz" -Ign

It sold over 9000 copies in Utah alone

It is the best selling game on The s.EGG.e.s

It came with premium packages of the S.Egg.e.s

"Egg/Egg too much egg to be egg." -Eggspot

"100/1" `Amy of Eggverse

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